Giani’s di hatti (Ground floor, Supermart 1, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon)

This post only reviews Rabri falooda that is famous in Giani’s di Hatti, Chandni Chowk, near Fatehpuri masjid.

In a nutshell:

The same rabri falooda as in Gianis’ di Hatti, fatehpuri masjid, Chandni chowk – with suboptimal mixing capabilities at the Gurgaon joint.

rabri falooda
rabri falooda

Address & other details:  Giani’s di hatti

Meal for 2: Rs. 60 onwards

Cuisine type : Vegetarian only

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receipt - proof of payment
receipt – proof of payment

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Gianis’ di Hatti, fatehpuri masjid, Chandni chowk is a legend.

The other day we saw a shop in Supermart Gurgaon that had the same name – Gianni’s di Hatti. Went in to find that they sell ice cream , desserts & also the ‘original’ rabri falooda of Chandni Chowk shop. We enquired about the adjacent shop – Giani.

We were told that these two companies r owned by two brothers of the original shop. Red signage is Giani’s di hatti & blue signage is Giani.

We ordered the Rabri falooda.

rabri falooda
rabri falooda

The ingredients were the same. The proportions were a bit away. Three things are mixed – rabri, falooda (kind of noodles added to kulfi / some other desserts) & a thick liquid flavor.

The mix in Gurgaon outlet had right amount of falooda, suboptimal amount of rabri & higher amount of flavored syrup. The result was that the thick creaminess was a bit less – did not have the charm of the original. Excess syrup made it a tad more sweet.

Intended / just a mistake, I don’t know the reason for deviation. I wud say it is 85% as good as the original one.

So rating of rabri flaooda at Giani’s di Hatti Gurgaon is 3.6/5.

I wud say try it out if u r not in a mood to travel all the way to Chandni chowk. Without any reference point u might just like it as it is.

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