Pa pa ya (palladium mall, Parel, mumbai)

In a nutshell:

We had a good meal here after a nasty seating experience ( totally unexpected from this restaurant group) for getting into the restaurant.


Address & other details:  pa pa ya

Meal for 2: ₹1000 onwards

Cuisine type :  vegetarian & nonvegetarian

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I rate all the food items & then give a final overall rating which is a simple average of the individual item ratings. What the ratings stand for: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair, 1 = Disaster

Short description – in case u r in a hurry.
We reached the restaurant around 1.30 pm in the afternoon and requested for a table for 3. The lady at the reception Said with a expressionless cold face and a cold voice that there is waiting. We asked how much approx. She said it can be 45 mins, 1.5 hrs or even 2 hrs!!!! Really, that was the first time I heard something like that.


So we decided to mall walk till we get a call.


Our friend suggested after about 45 minutes to go and ask. I said ‘no they will call’. We kept on hanging out and no call came.


When we did not get a call in 1 hour, we let our friend go and talk to the reception. Lady at the reception said ‘ur table is not yet ready’. Our friend said ‘OK cancel it, we will go to st regis’. The answer was shocking – ‘no no, we hv a seat for u and we will let you in’! Is that some kind of a joke??

We got to know from our friend that this has happened earlier as well. Pathetic, I wud say.

Entering a restaurant with a foul mood is surely not the best thing to happen. Once inside, we saw 3 more tables empty and there were more people waiting outside. I was wondering if they hv some mandal commission style reservation for certain kind of people!!!

The bad taste in the mouth was made good by our server who turned out to b an excellent guy. He did very good recommendations and he helped us have a good time.
The interiors of the restaurant and Also the facade have white coloured structures that denote chemical structures – molecular gastronomy connection.

The seating was on normal wooden tables surrounded by wooden chairs.

There was an option to sit in the bar area as well.

We were a fan of Farzi cafe during our gurgaon days. This restaurant , from the same group was good, but cud not meet the Farzi cafe benchmark.

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

Amuse bouche was good but the one at Farzi cafe was much better. Rate it 3.5/5



We ordered Papaya special drink with a lot of expectations but it turned out to be made from canned juice!!! It tasted good, with a sweet n sour feel, rate it 3/5


Lamb dimsum was just awesome. It had full bodied flavours of lamb meat. The dimsum had a thin and translucent skin that made it even better. The meat filling was juicy and immensely YUMM. It was topped with fish roe and had a fruity salad on the side. Rate it 4.75/5



Crab and scallop ravioli was a good dish that tasted good as it is but neither crab nor scallop made their presence felt. This was also a dimsum made to look like a ravioli. Rate it 3/5


Layered sushi salmon pizza was recommended by our server. We wud not hv ordered it , had he not recommended. this was a great dish.


The base had a super thin and super crisp pizza. On top was sushi rice and salmon on top of rice. Excellent concept and great execution. Different textures made a difference. Rate it 4.5/5


For Palate cleanser we were served litchi sorbet. The sorbet looked like a lichi and I popped the whole thing in mouth (amidst an intense conversation), to realize it was super cold. Flavours of lichi were expressed very well. Rate it 4/5.


Singapore chilly soft shell crabs were very good. These were served fried and the server poured sauce on top of it. The grabs were very good & so was the sauce. rate it 4/5



We also ordered Full fish. The fish came full fried & it was then topped with sauce. oved the fish & the sauces. Rate the dish 4.25/5





Cant forget the Awesome freshly baked Mantao Bun 4.5/5


The most interesting was chocolate ball. Right from the presentation to the serving to the taste it was a fun activity.


As we waited for dessert, a huge chocolate ball (like a kid’s football size) was served on the table.


Our server put alcohol on fire and started pouring it on the chocolate ball. The ball started melting and by the time the whole alcohol was poured, the ball had crashed. The dessert within emerged.


Rate it 4.75/5


Overall rating averages out to 4/5

Will revisit

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