Americano (123,nagindas master road, Kala ghoda,fort, mumbai)

In a NUtshell:

A 3 day old restaurant started by chef Alex Sanchez (former chef at The Table) in fort, mumbai, that serves slow American food (very different and refreshing offering than what most ‘American’ themed restaurants in india serve.

Address & other details: americano

Meal for 2: ₹800 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian & non vegetarian

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I rate all the food items & then give a final overall rating which is a simple average of the individual item ratings. What the ratings stand for: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair, 1 = Disaster

Short description- in case u r in a hurry

We got to know of this place from the social media. So on Holi evening we decided to drop in for dinner. We called st 7.15 pm and were told ‘We are sold out for tonight. You can sit in the bar’. We decided to take a chance.

The restaurant is in a small land in fort, near sequel bistro, ayubs etc. ola taxi map did not have the restaurant listed in its map.

The facade had a metal signage contrary to backlit that all restaurants use these days.

The interior was nice and minimalist. It being an old building ensured that the ceiling was high.

The disaster in designing of the restaurant was however the luxe level. In today’s day where everyone loves posting pics of what they eat, the restaurant was just too dark. Infact people with an eyesight problem will not be able to read the menu – super tiny font and absurd darkness. Sorry I tried my best but food pics r way suboptimal.

Service was great. Our man was pretty chatty. He knew all the food inside out. He was the one making us drinks. My brief was ‘give me a refreshing drink that is not thick and not too sweet’. He did a great job on this with the Malabar cooler.

Chef sent us some lovely chicken wings ‘on the house’. Dunno why. It was simply fab.

Menu card was short and crisp. It had detailed description of each dish.

Loved the names of the cocktails – places in mumbai

Super loved the food

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

As mentioned above, the bartender offered me Malabar cooler. It had a vodka base, real cucumber, mint, lime and melon. loved the distinct flavor of the fruit & cucumber and the tanginess of lime. It was Low on sweet & overall had a brilliant balance. Rate it 4.75/5

Ananas sour (mocktail) was tangy , refreshing and had robust flavors of pineapple. Seemed to have real pineapple in it. Rate it 4.5/5

We started with Slow cooked Veal, salad of bitter greens, pickled greens and bagnet verd – the quality of the meat was very good. The dish was Simple, without any overt spicing. We enjoyed the nice sauce and salad leaves with a tangy dressing. Loved eating every thing separately, in permutations and combination. Very good dish but not fab. It’s like 4 great musicians on the stage did brilliant solos but the final ‘jam’ did not reach the zenith!!! Rate it 4/5

We then ordered Calamari braised in white wine – the calamari was super soft & fresh. It was cut in a unusual way that enabled the inside of the calamari to be super soft. Admire the Finger licking good sauce that we finished till the last drop. Heirloom tomatoes were fun as they popped in the mouth with every bite. Outstanding dish. Rate it 4.75/5

‘On the house’ chicken wings were unbelievably good. I cud not imagine. Super soft and super juicy chicken with skin. It had an intense flavor and was great to taste. The dip was hot and a bit fermented. Wow it was. Unparalleled. One of the two most memorable chicken wings I have had in India , the other one being at the erstwhile restaurant named Pintxo by chef sushmit Daniels in galleria, gurgaon. Rate it 4.75/5

Duck al mattone breast piece was a revelation. Super loved the crispy outer layer and the moderately soft and somewhat juicy meat. The brown butter vinaigrette was very nice. Super Loved munching on the fig. Rate this piece 4.5/5

The leg piece of the duck was surprisingly dryish and the meat was fibrous too. Taste was good but the texture was no match. Rate the leg piece 2.5/5 am wondering if this is an execution glitch or chef needs to do a deep dive to fix the temperature, timing etc.

Average rating of the duck al mattone is 3.5/5

Overall rating of food at americano averages out to 4.3/5

Look forward to revisiting.

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