Park Street – kolkata Christian food by Home chefs Mrs. Leena Daniels & Ms. Antara Daniels (home delivery in delhi NCR)

In a NUtshell

Stunning food that left us speechless, led us to over eat way beyond our routine.

Address & other details: Park Street (insta: parkstreetjoint), +919810842901


Meal for 2: ₹ 1200 onwards

Cuisine type :  vegetarian & non vegetarian

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I rate all the food items & then give a final overall rating which is a simple average of the individual item ratings. What the ratings stand for: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair, 1 = Disaster


Short description- in case u r in a hurry 

Some people touch our lives thru their work & we can never forget them. Sushmit Daniels, the one man army of the erstwhile tiny restaurant in galleria gurugram named Pintxo , was one such person in our lives. We usually never repeat a restaurant but Pintxo was one of the few that we have visited multiple times to eat the magic food that Sushmit used to make. We later loved the food at anticlock, that sushmit joined as chef. Sushmit is like an artist from an earlier century – does great work but is never on social media, keeps a low profile & is happy working silently & enjoying his creation.


It’s during those visits that we got to know that Sushmit is a bengali speaking Christian from kolkata – he had mentioned about traditional Christian food of kolkata.

So when we read that Sushmit’s mom & elder sister have started a venture named Park Street, we got excited. We decided to try this food on the day we were expecting guests.

We got to know that They delivery all across NCR with 24 hours notice. Delivery charges thru food courier is charged on actuals. We paid ₹350 for delivery to gurugram from delhi. We were told that the courier person is sanitized before being handed over the parcel.


For us this was a new cuisine – never had some of these dishes before. So we were chatting & asking questions before ordering. Here is what we got to know – food is made from scratch, even roshogolla & pork sausage were made at home.


Packaging quality was one of the best among home chefs we have ordered from so far – thick (surely felt like food grade), good closure, water tight & hence spill proof etc.


Dinner arrived at around 4 pm. We got instructions to just microwave it & eat. We were told that the food is good to be refrigerated for 2-3 days.

Absolutely floored. Will explore the other dishes & will order when we have guests again.

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

Vegetable chop – we had requested to send us the vegetable chop unfried so that it does not get soggy & the Crispiness is retained. The vegetable chop is I guess a British inspired dish which is made from potato, beetroot & carrot filling, crumb fried. It’s commonly available in every nook & corner of kolkata but it’s not common to find a good vegetable chop in delhi NCR.



As we opened the box, we realized that during transportation the chops got deshaped & had started to cling to each other. So we put it in freezer for 3 hours, hoping that it would harden & would not break during frying. The final product came out well in terms of taste, flavors & texture – just that they were visually deshaped.


The spicing was outstanding- to the extent of being aromatic. The sweetness (of beet root & raisins) was perfect. The crust was crispy, just the right amount of thickness & excellent. The taste was fantastic. Among my guests we had one person from kolkata , one from Allahabad, one from jaipur & another from Hapur UP. All of them unanimously loved it – inspite of whether they have ever eaten this before or not.


Rate it 4.75/5


Mutton table curry was a super interesting dish for us. It had vegetables like brinjal, French beans, kamal kakdi, potatoes etc.The gravy was medium thick, flavorful, yet subtle. Let me warn you – do not order this if meat curry means something with more than usual oil, chillies & strong spices. Order it only if you appreciate diversity & have a wide palate. We were floored with the dish. We loved the concept, the execution & just about everything.


Our guests were ok with it – none of them took a repeat helping. This was the only dish that was unfinished. We (just us) however loved eating this with rice the next morning too.


Curry leaves in the curry gave it a flavour somewhat like South Indian home Curries – yet  very different. There was a hint of sour. Most interesting was the Chilly – it stood silently as the food entered the mouth. The aftertaste was hot.


The meat was well cooked but it was not falling off the bones. The meat had a bite.


The curry tasted way better with rice than with roti.

Rate it 4.25/5

Country captain chicken was outstanding & I am confident this wud meet most people’s taste range. Proof of the pudding was the multiple repeats that our guests enjoyed. The dish was finished off till the last drop of gravy.


The gravy was rich, yet not too much oil flowing around. The richness came from the vividly aromatic spices. The hotness was perfect. Balance of taste was outstanding. The meat was perfect to taste & had perfect texture. Rate it 4.75/5


Home made pork sausage with aloo bhaja – we were speechless when we started having this. Rustic & robust flavor of spices in this home made sausage (traditional method of using pig intestine as the casing). The meat flavor was on the edge – a bit more spices& the meat flavor would have disappeared. Outstanding taste. Slightly Juicy but not dripping juicy. People add more pork fat to make it juicy as well as increase the porky flavor.


The way the sausages was sautéed with onions was too good. Polished off every drop of the food from the plate – as if it was a fresh plate. Rate it 4.75/5


The aloo bhaja was potato & onions slow fried. Lovely. Perfect seasoning. Perfect texture. Perfect balance of taste. Rate it 4.5/5


The green chutney that came with the sausage was pungent, robust, hot & surely made its presence felt. Rate it 4.5/5



We also asked them to send Tenderloin cutlets without frying. We fried these at home in shallow pan with less oil (we were not asked to do that – we did that on our own). The cutlets were very good to taste but they were a bit dry – both filling & outer layer. Flavors of meat was good. Outer layer was crisp. Rate it 3.5/5




Tenderloin pot roast was excellent again. It had baby potatoes in it. The sauce was crazy good in terms of both flavors & taste. The meat was very good – soft, chewy, super enjoyable. The flavors were rustic & robust. Rate it 4.5/5




Baked roshogolla – the roshogolla had been made at home from scratch. wow!!! This dish was different from the version that we have been eating at Balaram mullick radharaman mullick of kolkata. The latter is usually creamier & juicier (ras) than the one sent by PARK STREET. Unlike the mains, the baked roshogolla was sent in a foil bowl with a paper cover – liquid spilled when we opened the packet. So the dish had become a bit dried, I guess, than how it would have been while being packed. I would suggest to put this casing inside a spill proof casing as well, going forward.


Super loved the texture & the taste. Our guests went gaga on it. The sweetness was on the lower side – so lady YUMMRAJ too was happily YUMMing it:)


Rate it 4.5/5

Overall rating of food averages out to 4.4/5

Of course look forward to reordering. Do u still hv any doubt


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  1. Do they deliver to their city of origin? Else, do they have a branch in it?? As always, brilliant write-up and even more brilliant pictures.

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