Streetfood: Sagarmal Brijbhushan Rewari wale (1218 Maliwada, Chandni Chowk, near Fatehpuri Masjid)

In a nutshell:

Desi Ghee bedami pooris with super hot ‘n spicy aloo that set my tongue on fire, made the traditional way – super enjoyable till the time u start thinking calories.

facade of the shop

Address & other details: Take a rickshaw from chandni chowk metro station to Maliwada on the main Chandni chowk road (after u cross parathe wali gali if walking towards Fatehpuri masjid). Enter the lane that has a board saying ‘ Moti Bazar vyapar samiti aapka hardik swagat karta hai’. As u hit the T point, turn right & u reach this shop to ur left.

the board that u shud watch out for…………..

Meal for 2: Rs. 60 onwards

Menu card cum rate chart – hung on the wall

Cuisine Type: Vegetarian

Super hot & YUMM Aloo ki subzi


We went in the morning to Chandni Chowk all the way from Gurgaon to eat breakfast & my vegetarian friend who happens to be a Chandni Chowk pro joined us. We reached the shop at 9.00 am to see 7 -8 people inside the shop standing & eating off a wooden plank protruding from the wall. Another approx. 10 – 12 people were waiting to get stuff packed. Many had got containers from home to get the stuff packed.

People waiting to get poori subzi packed

We also saw people getting kaccha bedami poori packed – All ready, just has to b taken home & fried.

Kaccha Bedami poori kept behind the metal basket

My friend warned me that ‘as soon as u eat this, u will start sweating.’ I said ‘good joke’. All food made in this shop are with pure desi ghee, we were told.

fresh bedami poori – just fried & kept in the huge metal basket

The bedami poori was enjoyably crispy but not too crispy. The flavours of daal in the Bedami poori was much higher here than at Shiv Mishthan Bhandar & of course it was better than bedami poori at Bikanervala, Gulab & OM sweets.

Bedami poori & aloo subzi

The aloo ki subzi was topped up with a ‘methi ki chutney’ while serving – that made the aloo super duper spicy & very hot & my friend’s warning came true like a Prophecy. I started sweating profusely & enjoying the taste at the same time.

Bedami poori piece dipped in aloo subzi waiting to b popped into the mouth

Taste of the super hot aloo was really very good. Unlike the aloo ki subzi served with bedami poori at Gulab & Bikanervala, Gurgaon, the ones served here didn’t have a sour tinge.

Spicy & hot aloo subzi

Overall – If u cannot take in spicy food, pls avoid this place. However, if u love hot’ n spicy food, do not miss this out.

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  1. My mouth is watering! Is this the only thing that they sell? Is bedami puri like daal puri?

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