Bengal Hotel – fowl o mutton (No. 14 Bus stop, Behala, Kolkata)

In a nutshell:

My childhood favourite – Re-visited after many years & Loved the simple menu , some good & some great food at prices that surprise.

Bengal Hotel – Moton o fowl

Address & other details: Bengal Hotel

Meal for 2: Rs. 200 onwards

fish fry at Bengal Hotel

Cuisine Type: A bit of Vegetarian & predominantly Nonvegetarian

Short Description – In case u r in a hurry:

As kids we used to go to this super tiny restaurant to have fish cutlets. The ambience did not matter then coz we were not aware of ‘ambience’ in an eatery & now it does not matter to me as long as the food is superb. We used to drool over the food then & this time around I found it very good, if not as good as before.

mutton cutlet at Bengal Hotel

The owner sits right at the entrance – He handles cash & remote manages the place. There is one guy who I have seen as the manager for many years now – order taking from customers & coordinating. Food is served by ‘chhotus’.

Fish roll at Bengal Hotel Behala

The most interesting thing at this restaurant is the rate chart. The menu is printed on a board on the wall – permanent (I think it was same when I was a kid). The price of the dish is written with chalk everyday besides the description. All items r made in limited quantities & as soon as an item is sold out, the manager runs to the board & rubs off the price. Popularity still soars & by 6.30 pm onwards one by one the items start getting sold out. The shop opens at around 3.30 pm & shuts by approx. 8.00 pm.

The ‘interesting’ rate chart at Bengal Hotel, Behala

They also pack ‘fry & eat’ chops & cutlets. I have heard that NRIs carry these back home. I carry these back to Gurgaon at times.

‘fry & eat’ chops & cutlets in case u want to pack it for home

The food is Anglo Indian – Chops & cutlets that have become Bengali now & mutton & chicken curries that have a wide following in Britain these days. We tried the mutton cutlet, fish roll, fish fry & also mutton kosha. Liked the mutton cutlet, liked very much the fish roll & fish fry & super loved the mutton kosha.

Detailed Description – In case u have the time to njoy readin:

The fish cutlet was very good but was short of being great. Reason – the fish was superb. So was the marination. The flavour of ginger in the marination was just perfect. The fish was fresh, flaky, soft & juicy. But the outer cover of the cutlet was thicker than enjoyable levels (almost 1.5mm vs. an optimum of say 0.7mm). This one thing pulled down the overall score of the cutlet from a potential 4.5 to a 3.75/5.

A peep into the fish cutlet

The fish roll was very interesting – It was a fillet of fish made into a hollow cylinder, filled with minced fish, spices, roasted peanuts & other ingredients. This whole cylindrical cutlet was then crumb fried. The flavours were very good, the roasted peanuts made their presence felt, the spices did not scream out but were just optimum & the crust was thinner than the fish cutlet – don’t ask me if that was by design or by accident. I wud give this dish 4/5.

A peep into the fish roll

The mutton cutlet was good but the let-down was the xtra thick crumb coating. The mutton mince was great to taste & had good flavours as well. Overall I wud say 3.5/5.

a peep into the mutton cutlet with a thick armour

The star of the evening was mutton kosha. The gravy was awesome – spicy, slightly hot, had a mild sweet flavour from onions. The meat pieces were almost excellent – I wud say penultimate. I wud say 4.5/5.

mutton kosha at Bengal Hotel

They also serve some good vegetable chops, prawn chops, prawn cutlets, fried rice, chicken roast, chicken curry, mutton liver curry, mutton keema curry, mutton stew, mutton korma, batter fish, fish pakora, prawn pakora etc. Look forward to covering these in my next visits.

mutton kosha

I will revisit this place inspite of the little let-downs & the predominantly good food. How about u?

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  1. Yesterday I left a comment – didn’t seem to come through I think. My mamar bari is in Behala – and the way you are mentioning, I think I’ve to visit Bengal Hotel for the ‘phowl’!!!

  2. Yes, I love to be the guest.But i want the telephone no and full address of Bengal Hotel that is known also Bardar Hotel

    1. Hi, I do not have the real address but I can try to describe it. It is bang opposite 14 no. Bus stop. Once u reach , Ask anyone for it a d they will show you.

  3. Its my grand father shop if any one out there want to give any order or any suggestions then pls mail me or Cal me at 09051826222 we are now also a weeding planer and Carter if any want to know our shop address then pls go to 14 no bus stand opp side of the u will se our shop name written its Bengal hotel its a 80yrs old shop .

  4. This shop is my grandfather shop if any one want to give any Oder then pls Cal me at 09051826222 recently we have started wedding planner and cattering if any out there want to give any Oder then pls Cal me

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