Curry brothers (lower Parel, mumbai)They currently do home delivery in parts of south and central mumbai.

In a nutshell:An unmissable pan Indian cuisine experience in mumbai – currently home delivery only, unless u barge in like us…..

Address & other details: curry brothers

Meal for 2: ₹300 onwards

Cuisine type : vegetarian and non vegetarian

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I rate all the food items & then give a final overall rating which is a simple average of the individual item ratings. What the ratings stand for: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair, 1 = Disaster

Short description- in case u r in a hurry:

We heard about this place in mumbai from a person we met for the first time in a Bengali vegetarian lunch pop up (Unish pawd) in gurgaon!!

It’s been almost 6 months since then and we finally decided to go there for lunch on a Sunday.
As we started driving towards the restaurant we realized ‘we should do a reservation.’ So we called. The gentleman who was on the other side sounded like an owner, not like the typical boy who picks up restaurant reservation phones.

He said ‘hope you know we are a takeaway’. I said ‘oh, we did not’. But do you have a place to sit and an A/c (May in mumbai). He said ‘yes, but we do not have a proper service set up’. I said ‘do you serve great food’. He said’ of course’. I said ‘so we are coming’. He said ‘see you soon’.

As we neared the place, we mis read the google map and reached a different place. So we called back for directions. A lady sent us whatsapp location and we followed the map. As we descended from the cab we realized that the place is an industrial area ( old mills, now converted to offices, workshops etc.

There was no signage of the restaurant (this is not a restaurant in the first place? It’s a kitchen). As we walked in, we realized it was a very neat and clean open kitchen with a nice glass office on the side. We were taken to the office and served on a table which could seat 4 people. We were initially a bit embarrassed that we had walked into someone’s office – 2 ladies were working on their laptop.
But as soon as the menu came, we forgot everything. The lady (host) told us that they have just started a new menu and thSt is available on zomato. We took a look, saw too many attractive options and got confuse. So we sought help ‘which are your best dishes’. She recommended all the dishes that we had.
We enjoyed a great chat with her on food, restaurants and other topics.
The concept of this restaurant is to serve curries from different parts of india – as diverse as Kerala, Goa, Bengal and more. A very difficult thing to pull off but they have done it beautifully.
Detailed description- in case u hv the time to njoy reading:

First dish we had was Kosha mangsho with Parota, a bong dish. The parota was however not the typical Bengali triangle parota but an excellent thin laccha paratha.

Kosha mangsho was exactly the way Kosha mangsho shud b, slightly sweet from onions, which Wud b within tolerance limits of people from both ‘epar Bangla’ and ‘opar bangla’ (for the uninitiated, the curries made in houses of people traditionally from West Bengal are slightly sweeter than the curries made in the homes of families whose origin can be traced back to today’s bangladesh).

The meat itself was extremely soft and falling off the bones at the slightest provocation, while retaining its texture and meaty flavours. The gravy was thick and had robust flavours of spices and meat. Very very very delicious. We polished off the bowl as if nothing was ever served on it!!!!

Rate it 4.75/5

Next dish we had was pork vindaloo. The pork was very very soft with layers of fat, not excessive but just the right amount. It was so amazing that every time we would bite on the meat , the fat would melt and there Wud b a rush of juices into the mouth as if we were biting into a chocolate with liquid filling!!!

The masalas were very well cooked , the vinegar flavour was enjoyable and the sourness was not too intrusive. The flavours of this fiery red curry was great. Wud have rated this 4.75/5

However there was suboptimal salt in the dish. On adding salt the taste became what i described above. Rate the dish 4.75-.5=4.25/5 for the Miss in the salt.

Next dish was chicken cutlet, khoja cuisine ( The chef mentioned it was a Gujarati Muslim cuisine). The chicken was mixed with other ingredients including onions, ginger, corn etc. , made into a patty and fried. As it is the dish was good but it did not match up to the brilliance of the other dishes. This dish was relatively blander than the curries (maybe if we would have had this b4 having the two curries, it might have tasted better).

Rate it 3.5/5

The last dish we had was prawn moilee. The prawns were outstanding – super fresh, great texture, bursting with flavours and just too good. It seems they were plonked into the curry later and hence was not rubbery.

The gravy was outstanding- flavours of coconut milk, prawns (stock made from prawn head), unbelievably tasty. Rate it 4.75/5

This was served with extremely tasty coconut rice with generous amount of grated coconut, great tempering with curry leaves, crunchy urad dal (added to the texture). The rice was so good that we finished off half the bowl just like that and the rest with the moilee. Rate this 4.75/5

We were given half portions of two desserts and charged for one dessert.

First was pav bread and butter pudding that tasted wow when we had at the restaurant. Perfectly soft and soaked up, peanut butter on the side. Everything was great. We ate a bit and packed the rest. Rate it 4.5/5

When we had the balance pudding after 4-5 hours, the texture and taste had completely changed and the pudding had soaked up all the liquids and reduced to a mushy lump. I suggest if u order this dish, please eat it quick.

We also had a chocolate cake – standard one , but very good. Non fluffy, layers of chocolate, intense and very enjoyable. Rate it 4.25/5

Overall rating of food at curry brothers averages out to 4.4/5


Check it out.

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