POH – progressive Oriental house (Kamala mills, mumbai)

In a NUtshell:

A new gen Oriental restaurant with a nice decor, warm and hospitable staff, great spread that tasted mostly very good (with one exception).

Address & other details:  POH

Meal for 2: ₹2000 onwards

Cuisine type :  vegetarian and non vegetarian

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Short description- in case u r in a hurry


We came across POH while randomly browsing thru zomato one day. The concept sounded interesting. I am wary of most Asian restaurants in india as most people serve heavily indianized food.

THe group that ran mainland China (now Asia kitchen), runs POH – however POH is a class apart from the earlier ventures, in terms of decor, ex chef of Tian ensuring a fab menu and nonstop magic on the plate, real oriental food which is more about flavours, aromas and textures as compared to attack on the senses by corn floured, unnecessarily hot, over sauced, cheese garnished noodles etc – Badly twisted Asian food at Asia kitchen.

In short, it’s like Tata selling nano and Indica as well as the mighty jaguar.

The menu card was a delight to read – the sheer spread and the description was attractive enough.

This was topped by the gentleman serving us – turned out that he was the assistant manager at the restaurant. No wonder he knew almost everything and was very good at recommending food.

Loved the decor.

Loved each item except one.

Detailed description – in case u hv the time to njoy reading:


As we sat, we were offered an amuse Bouche – subtle but tangy. Nice.

We started with teriyaki glazed steamed oysters and seared duck liver. What a start!!! The oysters were one of the largest I have recently had and were outstanding to taste. Flavours of oysters were bursting out and teriyaki glazing could not overpower it. Soft and juicy, these were a treat to the taste buds. The duck liver was not just a piece of duck liver – it was presented like foie gras. I am salivating as I remember the dish. Speechless. Rate the dish 4.95/5

We chose negitoro, botan ebi and shrimp custard from the sashimi/ nigiri sushi section.

As we were served the sashimis, the gentleman serving us got a wasabi root from the kitchen and made fresh paste for us, on the table.

Botan ebi was raw sweet shrimp – loved it. Rate it 4/5

Shrimp custard was an interesting dish – baked custard in solid form, like a cake, with flavours of shrimp. Loved it again. Rate it 4/5

Negitoro was a lump of chopped raw tuna and scallions. The chopped tuna was lumpy , soft and excellent. Loved the flavours of the fish. Rate it 4.5/5

We were served a very effective, tangy palate cleanser.

For mains we ordered crab cakes with jalapeño tartar. The crab cakes were baked unlike the fried or steamed crab cakes that I have usually had.

There were 5 crab cakes in a plate and on the plate, they had perfectly made the impression of a crab with mustard powder in the center

We found this dish to be the weakest link. To bake, something like flour was added to crab meat but that was just too much. It had enjoyable flavours of crabmeat but the baked ball was dry and ok yo taste. Rate it 2.5/5

seabass en papillote was recommended by the gentleman who helped us with our order. He suggested this over another seabass dish. Thanks to him for that. The dish turned out to b unforgettable.

He brought it straight from the oven, wrapped in paper and then he cut the paper and served us the fish. Crazy good flavours and wonderful taste. Could not stop having more of it. Rate it 4.95/5

Glazed pork belly was very good. It had perfect ratio of meat to fat and tasted very good. It was cooked very well. Rate it 4.5/5

For dessert we had Sichuan pepper and poached apples, Parmesan crisp with walnut ice cream.

The walnut ice cream was creamy, intense, enjoyable while being not too sweet. The Parmesan crisps added a great twist to the texture and of course the taste. Poached apple was nice and enjoyable- again not too sweet. Loved the combination of this with Sichuan pepper.

Rate it 4/5

At the end of the meal the bill came in a beautiful box which also had a feedback form but no pen. I guess someone did not want us to pen our opinion – hence am typing it:)

Overall rating of food at POH averages out to

Wud surely revisit to try more dishes on the menu.

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